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Hot Pot at us
is the new
Hot Spot

Squeezy Hot Pot welcomes you to experience food like never before.


Feel good with our

bowl of soup


Keep it simple and light with a healthy delight


Steamed or fried, dumplings are a perfect bite

From soups and salads to sizzling plates,
we have something for everyone.  

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We serve tradition with exciting flavors.

Hot Pot is part of the Chinese cuisine and has been bringing people together for centuries. A pot of broth gently simmers on the center of the table with various raw ingredients on the side like sliced meat, vegetables and tofu from which each diner can choose. The ingredients of their choice are then put into the pot to cook and gets scooped with a ladle into their bowl when ready. Dipping sauces are added to enhance the flavors. It’s a perfect meal to share with family or friends.

At Squeezy Hot Pot Chinese Restaurant we want you to feel right at home with our warm and comforting meals that we have been preparing since we opened our doors in April 2003. We also have private dining rooms available for any closed event. So give us a call to place your reservation. We hope to see you soon! 

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